Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dad and the bike Race

Dad and the Bike Race
By Jill Eggleton

W.a.l.t talk about the plot of the story.

Main Characters
Dad and the kids.
The park.

In the beginning...
On friday the kids looked in the news paper. They saw bike race on Saturday. Well go said the kids. I'll go too said dad. On saturday the kids put their bikes on the truck and dad put his bike on the truck you can't take that bike said the kids. Look at its old wheels.

A boys chain was broken.
Dad took the chain on his bike and put it on the boy's bike.
A girls seat was broken.
Dad took off his seat and put it on the girl's bike.
The kids  think all the people are going to laugh at him.
Dad gave his chain to the boy and dad gave his seat to a girl.

In the end...
Dad pushed his bike down the hill it had no chain no seat. It went… clack clack clack .

REFLECTION I thought this was hard because I didn't know the answers. Next time I want to answer with more information

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Bridget Platt said...

You have tried very hard to summarise the information in your story, keep it up, well done.